What To Do In Playa Cofresi & Area

Playa Cofresi is a stunning hidden gem just 3 miles outside of Puerto Plata.  Named after the Puerto Rican pirate Roberto Cofresi who roamed these parts in the late 1700/early 1800s, Playa Cofresi is home to tourists and locals alike.  If you are looking for a little piece of paradise, off the beaten path, look no further.  Everything in Cofresi you can walk to.

The beach is a local favorite, especially on Sundays and Holidays.  Regardless of the day, with only 1 resort in Playa Cofresi you’ll have no trouble finding your space in the sun, calm waters for swimming and plenty of shade.  Visit the local shops along the beach to buy your souvenirs.  We have found them to be reasonably priced.

Looking to swim with the dolphins?  Take a gamble at a casino?  Appetizers on the terrace?  Or maybe a Bravissimo after an elegant dinner?   Look no further than Ocean World!  Between Ocean World Adventure Park, Ocean World Terrace, Ocean World Show Bravissimo, Ocean World Bistro and Ocean World Casino – there’s something for everyone!

With a few local shops, convenience stores and restaurants you can stay local.

There is a taxi stand at the entrance of Playa Cofresi with a rate chart posted.  There are many beaches within a short distance and Puerto Plata is only minutes away.  We recommend GoDominicanRepublic as a travel guide/directory.